A Valentine’s gift for you !






We are offering you a Valentine’s day 24 hour special offer, details below:-

Are you shivering with the cold, getting wet in the rain, or freezing in the snow ?  Winter, it is gorgeous,  if you are all cosy infront of an open fire with a glass of wine, but are you ?  Now imagine yourself enveloped within gorgeous warm sunshine,  feel the warmth upon your skin, see yourself relaxing under a sky of deep azur blue,  note the pleasure you feel as your stress just melts away.  The swimming pool shimmers invitingly in the daytime sunshine, you are floating in the pool with absolutely no noise other than the gentle sound of the water lapping around your body and when the afternoon is done you could  enjoy a cocktail on the terrace, the tempting flavours of summer the gorgeous colours of the evening sunset, just sooo good !!!  Having read these words, now close your eyes & simply dream yourself here. But why tow ?  Enjoy our Valentine gift to you !  If you book a Chalet, Mobile Home or the Gîte, we will give you  a 20% discount.  This is a 24 hour  Valentine Day offer only,  starting from midnight tonight,  until midnight on Valentine’s night.    When booking just quote 14V18 in the comments box on the booking form. A’bientôt

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