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Update Coronavirus – Covid 19.  Just thought I would update you on the Coronavirus situation.  Then I will be posting something a little more relaxing ! Official Rules and Regulations:  Official documentation regarding  new hygiene rules and regulations for the shower block facilities or swimming pool have not yet been received.  Officials are working on them at present, when completed they will be sent out to all Campings.  Rules Restaurant and Bar:  These will be much the same as any other business falling within that category.  Changes: Cost of changes and the huge added expense of special  products to protect not only you, but ourselves from Covid 19 is a nightmare.  Although there are  some businesses that are triumphing !!!!  It is incredible how many people are trying to make a small fortune out of those businesses that have been hit the hardest. Email after email, telling us what we should buy and why – That we must be listed on their site to be advertised as a safe camping, and the list goes on.   Opening,  is not simply a question of  “We are Open” !  There is an awful lot to consider.   The Valleys of Lot and Dordogne have been a “green zone” all through-out the pandemic. I think it is fair to say that nearly all of those living in these areas have confined themselves to their homes, not seen their families or friends to keep it this way. Quietly taking care of each other by being careful. Only one member of  each household has been going out to do the shopping.  Opening: As you can imagine, I honestly have to say that opening up our home and grounds to guests is just a little disconcerting for us.  Although permission was granted to open the 2nd of June, Stuart and I have decided to remain closed until we have received the official rules and regulations.  Allowing us time to see our Family and Grandchildren for a short while after our confinement.  Once we are officially open, it would be unwise to see them again until after closing.  It is not possible to be sure if all arriving guests will be healthy or unknown carriers of Covid 19.   Unexpected Guests that may arrive at the moment will not be turned away.  However, they will have to have their own personal facilities in their caravan or motor-homefor their own personal use.  The shower block and toilets here will remain closed until we have received the official documentation of regulations;  The waste disposal point will be open.  But ……… !!   Time has to move on to better & happier moments !  Once we know definitely what is happening, when both Stuart and I know exactly how we wish to proceed, we will let you know more and what date we shall be open from.  We will let you know what our new rules and regulations will be.  In answer to a lot of questions:  Extending our Season – Yes, we are planning on staying open later this year, but as of yet, no date has been decided upon. This will depend on how the next weeks and months progress.  If the coronavirus disappears, (lets hope so), or whether it grows into another strong phase causing future problems. If all  proceeds well and bookings are positive, we will stay open until sometime in October.  As I am sure most of you will understand, we cannot stay open when it becomes non financially viable, so we cannot fix a date.  Even if it is so incredibly wonderful here, the tranquillity so refreshing, the relaxation pure heaven,  simply enjoying life within  a pure bubble of happiness and sunshine. Plus the fact, you really do not want to leave our little corner of paradise.  So should you be planning on staying later to enjoy all of the above,  then get your friends to book too ! For the last few years the weather has been fantastic during October.  For all of you who have been in touch regarding a discount – Sorry, but we will not be offering any discounts this season.  New product costs are excruciatingly expensive.  I note that the UK is still struggling with a high loss of life,  so Stuart and I wish  you all well.  Stay safe ! For those that have booked, we look forward to welcoming you later in the season with your friends and masks !!! Brings a whole new meaning to bar games – why not bring a wig too and some fancy dress clothing. We can play guess the person under the starry skies !!!! Lord Whitter you will love it !!!!!   Enjoy your Evening everyone.

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