Diamonds of Nature

Even when it rains, incredible beauty is simply  all around !  Raindrops precariously hang suspended in circular and oval globules,  sparkling like diamonds within the shafts of sunlight. The weather this month has been unusually wet and cold, with the odd day of sunshine to make one feel good.  Last Sunday was absolutely gorgeous but the rest of this week has been rain and sunshine,  more rain than sunshine !  When the sun breaks through the clouds it is so nice, but otherwise quite nippy. However, no matter what the weather, each day holds surprises and their is always something beautiful from nature to be shared.   With such bad weather, works outside have sort of come to a halt, all of our hard work slowly disappearing as Mother Nature takes over. A paradise for insects, birds and animals is growing rapidly before our very eyes as all the foliage begins once again to take over the park.  High winds and heavy rain has caused a bit of a mess, so there is quite a lot of exercise once the sunshine has burnt away the rain and dried everything out.    However,  there is always plenty of work to get done inside and never ending office work, saves doing one job and feeling guilty that we are not doing the others.   We hope that you all enjoy a  great weekend.

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