Election Municipales 2020, Lot Carlucet 46500



It is all change for Carlucet 46 situated close to Rocamadour in the Vallée de La Dordogne ! Stuart and I take pleasure in welcoming Mr Hervé Garnier as the new Maire (Mayor) of Carlucet, along with his brand new group of Councillors all of whom live in our beautiful little village. Mr Garnier is in the Maroon check shirt, 4th in from the right hand side of the photo. I do not have an official photo the right size to post unfortunately. Eventually after Covid 19 & weeks of confinement, finally on  Sunday 28th of June after such a long wait, the last votes were cast by the local Villagers of Carlucet for which final last three people  they would like to see join Mr Hervé Garnier to take their Village through the next term of office.  On Sunday 5th of July,  Mr Garnier officially took over his position from the out-going Maire, Brigitte Escapoulade.  All the Councillors are brand new in office, so we await to see what fresh future changes the new Maire (Mayor) and his Councillors have in mind.  Mr Garnier was Secretaire National Chez CFDT in the region of Paris, before retiring and moving back to his beloved village of Carlucet, along with his Daughter and her young Family.  As Château de Lacomté Country Club 4* Camping  is just one of the commerces in the village we look forward to working with the new elected Maire and his team. Stuart had been asked to stand alongside him as one of his team during his campaigne, but due to UK’s Brexit, the French rules and regulations changed. As the UK will no longer be part of Europe, Stuart no longer had the right to stand alongside Hervé and the rest of his chosen team.  It was a shame, it meant a great deal  to us that he had been asked having lived here for such a long time.  It is actually quite incredible that it is where we have lived for such a  long time,  we run our business here,  pay all of our taxes etc in this Country, but we have no right to vote for local elections or for the President of the Country where we reside !   We have tried on numerous occasions to get French Nationality, but just not possible at the moment. The list of retired British people on the list is just so long, that we cannot even get our names added so we have been told for at least another three years  !!  Life and it’s twists and turns !!  However, our small village of Carlucet and its close surrounding area is developing fast, there are several flourishing businesses, all of which I will feature in  future posts. Did you know that Carlucet now has it’s very own vineyard ? https://www.vigneron-independant.com/david-verdier. What better way to begin your evening as the sun sets over the valley then to enjoy a glass of David’s wine,  which can be bought from our reception.  https://campinglacomte.com/camping-en/.  David’s Wines have a beautiful flavour, which blend with sunshine and holidays just so well, but you would  not expect anything else from this wonderful region of the Valleys Lot and Dordogne.  Renowned for it’s spectacular wines and incredible gastronomy, where it is all about the flavours and the unquestionable quality of  home grown and reared regional products.  We are rather spoilt for choice here in Carlucet and it’s surrounding area. “Le Secret du Bonheur” !  Simply staying at Château de Lacomté Country Club, “Ecouter le silence”.  Feeling Good ! Enjoying the magnificent flavoursome foods and wines – let your taste-buds tingle whilst enjoying the delicacies of this stunning region.  Relaxation ! Lose yourself in the amazing World of this picturesque region, the  Valleys of Lot and the Dordogne !  Simply Paradise in a quiet corner of France. I shall  sign off now, by once again offering our sincere congratulations to Hervé Garnier on becoming the newly elected Maire of Carlucet, and also to his newly elected team of Councillors.  Bonne Chance à tous !  Photo:  La Depeche


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