Adult Only Holidays Vallée de La Dordogne



Feel the summer vibes at Chateau de Lacomté !  Enjoy beautiful alfresco space, perfect relaxing moments, heavenly country living blended each day  with your  daily qouta of pure relaxation nestled within calm, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  A tranquil  adult only holiday destination in the heart of the magical Vallée de la Dordonge, offering you peace and freedom to “simply be you”.  Let your stress simply melt away into the atmosphere, leaving you feeling free, able to relax , feeling your body becoming light and open and able to enjoy. Note how much easier it is to breath, the air light, clear and pure,  full of the sweet perfumes of summer. Above all, simply listen to the tranquillity & enjoy the surrounding beauty.  Lots to see, Lots to do and Lots of flavours to enjoy.  A’bientôt !

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