Amorous adventures !!!


Frolicking around in the sunshine, a great way to enjoy the warmth of summer ! As the over-powering feeling of love flows amongst the animals here at Lacomté, I watched these beautiful butterflies gently frolicking around in the warm summer rays of sunshine.  As they majestically flew their dance of love provocably for one another, hovering above the lavendar and roses as they played.  So many pigeons hiding amongst the foliage on trees, making so much noise with their wings as they try to balance whilst they play !!!!!   Becoming so excited, they lose their balance and just fall off of the branches and out of the trees, so funny.  After a game of kiss chase, swooping and diving in the sky, the female once again takes her hidden place amongst the leaves, the male in excited hot pursuit as they attempt an action-replay !  Mummy hare is have trouble controlling her baby, he is just running everywhere and is so inquisitive.  Last night this gorgeous little animal came right up to the patio doors of the restaurant, his ears as long as his body tall, he just stood looking in at our dining guests, so cute.  Sadly no one had time to get a photo. We also have a visiting deer and her baby in our back garden, at the moment they are there most mornings, eating the unripe fruit that has fallen to the ground.  The cuckoos are  still here at the moment, but they will be leaving for the next part of their journey anytime within the next week, I shall miss their chorus of “cuckooing” echoing around the park. Signals that yet another Spring has been and gone. Enjoy a wonderful weekend everyone, hope your weather is as good as ours ?!!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and our guests are happy.  Cannot ask for more !

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