Brexit 31.01.2020

Brexit day, Friday 31st January 2020 ! Goodbye January, Hello February, and Goodbye UK.  As I travelled home late afternoon today, under a dull sky, reminding me of a rainbow consisting of at least ’50 shades of grey’ which colourfully streaked across the sky, surrounded and driving through soft drizzling rain which seems to be constantly falling from above at the moment, suddenly my car lit up inside with a bright and dazzling light as if someone had turned on a bright light within my car. My first thought was that the car behind had flashed his lights for some reason, however, the surrounding cascade of light  was far too bright for that. Was not the Angel Gabriel either !!!!  As I looked into my mirror the sun that had been hiding itself away all of day,  suddenly and momentarily played peek-a-boo as it lowered towards the magical place where landscape meets sky.  Briefly but dramatically, drawing aside the clouds like  curtains opening in the dark, breaking free from behind her dismal dull shield of 50 shades of grey dark fluffiness, this stunning beaming ball of sunshine fleetingly brightened a very a dull, cold, rainy and dismal day. A blissful glimpse of the very last sunset of January 2020, lighting up the last evening before the dawn of February 1st and the beginning of an historical, new and as yet, unknown era. Bonne Nuit UK.  Au’revoir, belle soirée et bon week-end !                                                                                                                                                                                    (Brexit being an extremely controversial subject, we ask that you please refrain from posting any of your personal thoughts and comments re: Brexit, on our business facebook page.  Thank You !)

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