The end of an era and a new beginning

As 2017 has quietly disappeared into 2018, the last, most fabulous of days has turned into rain.  The 31st of December 2017 was glorious, heavenly golden sunshine and a gorgeous feel good blue sky a day that dreams are made off, and so warm.  As I walked alongside the river Lot, I did not need my coat the warmth of the sunshine was just perfect.  The gentle sounds of the river were so dreamy as the movement of the water lapped, curled and hiccupped its way around moving derbris and tree trunks lined along the river’s edge’. Quite simply just the perfect day !!!  As I sit typing this, I can hear the early morning wind squealing through the trees, fingers crossed by morning it will have blown itself away, presenting us with a feel good 1st of January 2018.  The drive there and back were just perfect too, just me, my car and the wonderful music of Ed Sheeran, his news CD Divide is brilliant.River

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