Freezing in the sunshine !!!

The rain that seems to have cascaded down for what seems forever has at long last gone on holiday !  It has been replaced by frozen stunning beauty created by several days of temperatures well below zero.  Minus 12° this morning at 08.30am as gorgeous sunshine rose up slowly warming its way  into a canopy of deep blue sky, everything on the ground below sparkled brightly in the early morning beauty.  (We have actually known a lower glacial temperature of minus 23° when our children were at school, when it was not possible to get the key into the car door, or even open it once defrosting the lock.)  The nude branches of the surrounding trees were lit up by the luminous bright salmony pink hues from  cascading sunrays that sprayed across them & the surrounding countryside. The cars reminded me of  coloured frozen ice cubes,  brightly shimmering as they silently defrosted within  the weak winter sunbeams as explosions of rainbow coloured shards burst forth from their headlights reflected from the early morning sunlight.  My winter aerobics has ceased for a while as the leaves are frozen solid where they lay escaping their fate of being raked up and burnt, so just for a little while longer, they remain where they lay. Just as well really, as even cosied up in thick winter gloves my fingers became numb in moments working outside yesterday morning in the freezingly cold, raw, crisp icy wind.  However warm delightful moments are heading our way and hugs and giggles will be filling our house later this week as our little 4 year old grandson is coming to stay.  Moments of joy that melt the heart and the hardest of frosts !!!!

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