Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful fantastic Mums,  Stuart and I wish you a very beautifull day filled with love,  happiness & relaxation.  If you are in hospital, we hope that you will soon be well and back at home to enjoy the magical moments of Spring which will soon be here.   Smiles are filling our hearts here in our little corner of paradise as the sun is shining, the sky is a soft baby blue & the birds are happily chirping – they are so happy as there are so many long, fat wiggly worms to be found now that  the ground is softer, the poor worm’s  fate being the bird’s heavenly delight. Having been raking out in the park for what seems forever, sadly I have uncovered their winter homes, thus leaving them exposed to all those little spring birds watching from the trees !!!  But not the little robin, he is there, almost riding on the movement of my rake, not at all scared of me or the noise or being caught in the leaf grippers as I pick up the very wet heavy piles of leaves then hurling them up into  the truck.   As yet the joyful sounds of the cuckoo are still missing, she normally arrives between the 14th and 28th of this month, so it will not be long before her cuckoo serenades ring out & and  echoe around the park. As yet, I have not seen any squirrles, very unusual.  Have a great day !

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