Happy Vibes of Spring


Happy Vibes of Spring are here:
Delicious wild scents of Spring, a beautiful Christening in the picturesque medieval city of Rocamadour, majestic birds of the dark hues of night & springtime arrivals; all of the above have been our welcoming to the heart lifting season of Spring 2019. As the early morning light signaled the start of a new day, I lay in bed listening to the gorgeous sounds of spring, the garden oscine birds sang out loudly in their delight that Spring was finally here. It was Sunday 24th, the day after our Grand-daughter’s amazing christening at Rocamadour, but there was a difference this morning, amongst the happy chirping of the birds, there was another sound, a sound I adore, the Cuckoo. Yes, the Cuckoo has arrived chez nous, a sure sign that the Winter has quietly slipped away and Springtime along with all it’s beauty has arrived. Arriving one week earlier than last year, she cuckooed loud and strong for about an hour, before she finally tired and stopped for a well earned rest after her flight. After her arrival she normally sings out loudly to let us all know that she has arrived and then goes quiet for about a day to re-energise after her long journey. Beautiful sunrises, stunning sunsets, warm rays of sunshinre, gorgeous perfumes of blossoms reminding me of home-made honey, simply gorgeous.  Enjoy your evening.

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