In the bleak Midwinter !!!!

M’mm, experiencing nasty weather here at the moment that arrived in Carlucet along with 2018 !!  Leaving behind the bue skies and beautiful warm sunshine of 2017,  Chateau Lacomte lay eerily quiet as Carlucet was battered with strong winds & rain mingled with a thick damp rising fog; there is a slight chill in the air, but it is not cold. A stunning day for taking a walk actually,  the countryside lies quietly hidden within the weather, the birds have decided not to sing and as the wind has now calmed down the branches of the trees remain still having ferociously danced their way into the New Year. Gorgeous elongated teardrops of rain that have gathered in their masses along the branches of the trees gently fall,  their beauty diminishing as they explode against the hardness of the ground.  Their simplistic beauty as they form and fall reminds me of small shimmering diamonds.  So, even in the bleak midwinter,  within the beautiful department of the Lot,  there is always so much beauty to be seen, experienced and enjoyed.

Cahors in the mist

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