La grande migration des Grues cendrées :

As the season of Winter slowly begins to assert itself, waiting patiently for Autumn  to silently slip away, saying goodbye to 2017, the Cranes begin their annual flight to warmer lands; signalling for sure that very shortly the weather is about to change.  For beautiful peaceful moments the  busy sounds of our chainsaws ceased to echo around the park and we were once  again serenaded by the gorgeous, peaceful sounds of nature. Robins hopped around where we were cutting, whilst other winter birds sat quietly in trees close by, just watching & waiting to spy the bugs that appeared, ready to swoop in at any moment. When you live in the Country you are fully aware of nature and its changes, and the noises that sing around you, you notice everything. Whilst we loaded the truck with twigs, branches and large chunks of tree trunks, chatting amongst ourselves,  there was an unusual sound in the distance which caught our attention. As we looked up to the sky, there they were, a stunning formation of Cranes, performing a dance of ballet in the sky,  as they swooped and swirled, keeping what appeared to be a ‘V’ formation as they flew over Lacomté.  The sound they made was joyful, and seemed to last for ages as we just stood in awe of the vision, listening and waiting for them to fly out of sight. This has happened two weekends in a row now, so reading the signs of nature we have got all our plants in and wrapped up the palm tree for the cold winter months.  We have been so incredibly spoilt with our weather, happily enjoying a marvellous Indian summer, but now since seeing the Cranes,  Mother Nature’s signs were spot on, and the early morning frosts have arrived, temperatures are a lot cooler and we need our jumpers for working outside.  Winter is on  its way !!!

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