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5.20am thursday 28th June I opened my eyes to a brand new gorgeous day.  At only 5.20am,  I had plenty of time to just simply relax & listen to the birds singing their morning chorus, whilst contemplating the day ahead.  But, as I listened,  there was one sound that was missing, the familiar call of the cuckoos was not to be heard, they had left Lacomté for their next destination.  The sound of the Church bells striking at 6am meant it was nearing time to get up,  in the quiet of the morning  their chimes  could be clearly heard floating within the early morning breeze, which was refreshingly cool, but had sadly disappeared by 7.30am when the heat of the day began to fill the air. As you walked around the park the sounds of dried out grass  scrunched loudly under foot,  a similar sound to that of icy snow in the winter.  The local Farmers began work early, busy collecting their large golden hay bales that had been bundled and left for a while to dry out in the surrrounding fields. Thursday was our first band night of the season, so it was to be a busy day for us.  We tried to get all the food prepped in the morning before the afternoon sun streamed in through  the kitchen window, creating a  meltingly hot place to be. We started the evening earlier than normal as the football was on, England verses Belgium – England lost, but apparently that was good ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The evening was a huge success, the ambiance was very chilled, our Guests enjoyed the company of one another & the music by Old School, was as usual, brilliant.  At moments when the music stopped, the owls could be heard, you could almost hear them saying, thank goodness that music has stopped !!  And of course there was also  the wonderful chorus of Cicadas that filled the balmy night time air.  For Stuart and I  it was our  first 19 & half hour day this season, think it is fair to say we were pretty tired as we made our way to bed at 01.30am on Friday morning.   Possibly an age thing maybe !!!!!!   As life at Lacomté remains chilled, there is plenty to see and do in the surrounding area.  Tomorrow night (Monday 2nd July)  there is an evening market at Cahors, the ambiance will be wonderful.  However,  I will post separately about this.  Enjoy your evening !

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