“Love Is in the Air”


Sometimes words are not necessary and a simple photo speaks volumes, which without doubt, this stunning photo does.                                                                                                                                    However,  this post does require just a few words as it was such a special occasion .  Many of you that follow our facebook page have known our daughter Victoria since she was just 5 years old, the age she was when we opened our gates for the very first time to welcome Guests to enjoy a holiday within the magical & peaceful grounds of Lacomté.  It is with so much love, lots of heart felt  emotion & an enormous amount of pride that Stuart and I, with the consent of Victoria and Sam,  are posting this incredible  photo for you so that you can share with us their very unique moment on the day they said “I Do”.  From a gorgeous  little girl to the  incredible young woman she has become,  we congratulate  our youngest daughter Victoria and her new amazing Husband Sam, whom were married on May 5th  at Carlucet, by our Maire, Brigitte.  Afterwards the most beautiful  heart stopping Laïque ceremony was held here & officiated by Victoria’s brother Anthony, where he was joined by many members of family & friends who filled the park with emotion with their incredible singing, joyous sounds of instrumental pieces played & performed with so much love,  & special pieces written specifically for the newly weds. I would love to have said a few words for my gorgeous, beautiful daughter, but I just knew that the emotion that dwelled within me,  I would never have been able to say them.  Jemma, Victoria’s sister whom many of you  know, along with our daughter in law Anne-Charlotte & two very special friends of Victoria & Sams were bridesmaids and our cute & simply  irrestible little grandsons were pageboys, they were just oh so cute. There were just a few breathless moments as the rings arrived as you can imagine !!!   On this jubilant occasion it was not the beauty & allure of Lacomté that beguiled us all, but Lacomté that became immersed within the simple & stunning romance of loving,  heart beating moments of love that filled the park as their undeniable happiness meandered around the grounds floating within the warm spring air,  complimented with heavenly birdsong from within the trees. The photo simply says it all, “Love is”  well done to Martin Taburet,  simply amazing photography.   Since living here I often find myself wondering  just what  these stunningly beautiful trees have witnessed, especially before we moved here. If only they could talk – if they do, I have not heard their tales as yet. Maybe one day ! But something I do know for sure, is that they, like all of us sharing their special day, certainly felt  Victoria’s & Sam’s love envelope them on 05.05.2018.  Many, many congratulations to a gorgeous couple,  Mr et Mme Abounnasr we love you. xxx  “Love is 05.05.2018”.  We wish you Health,  Love & Happiness XX

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