March Madness – A spring-time gift for you !

Fabulous February  is now  just a memory, so we thought it was time to celebrate the Magical month of March by offering  you a March Madness  holiday discount.  With the glacial temperatures now subsided the joyful relaxing sounds of contented chirping  birds roll happily on the  warmer air as they build their nests for their young.  Lacomté is filled with the familiar sounds and sights of beauty in March, at the moment just the annual sounds of the cuckoos are missing.  The trees and foliage grow plumper each day with the early buds of spring,  growing  ever larger as they ready  themselves for their explosive moment when they open and unfurl into their glorious  colour of beauty.   The Château grounds are carpeted in little mauve flowers, the daisies are pushing their way up through the grass hoping to bask in the springtime sunshine and it will not be long before the amazing sounds of the mating animal kingdom are echoing around the park.  As yet, I have not seen Mr Toad who lives in the  ‘Lacomté Well’,   do not think it is quite warm enough for him to surface  yet!!   If thoughts of a wonderful relaxing holiday is tempting, then go to our website for more information on our time limited March madness offer.  See you soon !

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