Misty start to the day in Carlucet

Might have been a misty start to the day in Carlucet for our guests, but the dawn chorus was as beautiful as ever. Their view over the meadow of shimmering sunshine yellow is pure relaxation for them as they live in a busy town. On opening their blinds this morning, standing quietly admist the yellow flowers & early morning mist was a deer. As their movement startled the young animal, sadly no photos of this incredible moment for them were taken.  They told us that they had never heard a cuckoo before, never seen a hoopoe and never had the chance to sit quietly and enjoy watching a woodpecker.  A little bemused as to why during the night the Owls changed their calling song,  they asked why this was ?  They did not even give it a thought that  possibly we had several different species of Owl nesting within the park. Today, they are going to see how many different orchids they can find, as the sun is now beginning to shine, they are going to enjoy a great day !

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