Moments of Relaxation

Our Massage therapist this season is Nathalie, she qualified in a V.T.C.T. Diploma in Holistic Therapies in England.  She is also qualified from levels 1 to 4 in Traditioinal Thai Massage, Northern Style at ITM, Chaing Mai.  Also a Yoga teacher, Natalie completed a 200 hr course in Goa, India.  During your holiday I thoroughly recommend a treatment session with her, as do so many of our Guests.  Most of us suffer with stress, headaches, anxiety, a build up of toxins,  body pain, depression, muscle aches,  and so much more.  A holiday is a way of letting all those problems go,  a short moment in time to simply let all of your bothersome thoughts float away into oblivion.  However,  you will still be plagued by aches and pains and your body may still hurt, so not so easy to  rejeuvenate as well as you would like !  Try  a massage with Nathalie and allow her gifted hands to help you to relax those aching muscles.  We must take care of our bodies, it is the only place we have to live.  And !!!! Did you leave for your holiday in a hurry, no time to have your nails manicured or get waxed ?  No worries, you can relax and get your treatments done here. (Bring your favourite nail varnish with you). A list of everything Nathalie can do can be found in reception, but she can also alter what she does to suit your persoanl requirements health wise.  Inner peace begins with a relaxed body and mind, Massage Therapy & any form of relaxation therapies have so many health benefits.  Just one of our Guest’s comments follows:  “Honestly, it was by far, my best massage experience in my entire life.  Extremely professional and kind service, delightful treatment, attention in every single detail, simply perfect.  A big thank you to Natalie for this moment of true happiness and relaxation”: Petra.  There are many more complimentary comments that can be read in reception. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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