Mother’s Day Magic



Special moments, our first Mother’s Day together in 29 years !!!  After many anxious moments during the last year, my Mother made it over for her Great Grand-daughter’s Christening, along with my Sister and Brother-in-law. A graceful ceremony was held at St Jean Baptiste Chapel, a lovely little building, which up until recently I had never been able to enter as it is kept  locked.  It is a very quaint chapel with elegant architecture, the central feature being the  beautiful font, amazing carved stone, so pretty.  The surrouding walls adorned with stunning Paintings, a very special place for a very special little girl to be christened.  On Mother’s day we enjoyed a wonderful day with family in Martel, enjoying our first family barbecue  (hopefully not our last before we open) spoilt with great company, amazing food, champagne and chocolates.  As we sat relaxed, our bodies melting into the warm caressing rays of the fabulous sunshine, immersed under an umbrella of feel good azure blue sky,  the relaxing sounds of horses hoofbeats clicking along the road could be heard. Horses with their cart and driver, plus  passengers relaxingly passed by,  pretty bird song seranaded the moments, along with the most stunning, clear & undisturbed vistas of Martel. It felt, for a short moment in time, as if we were living within a dream. When you work your summers, albeit  in a beautiful place,  enjoying peaceful moments like my very special Mother’s Day, are rare, and mean so much. Just so lucky to have enjoyed such a special day together ! And now my Mum is staying with our Daughter, (no stairs) awaiting the precious arrival of her 4th  little great-grandchild, due very, very soon.  Exciting !!!! There is also a gorgeous 5th little one on its way, but not until the end of June. Soon 5 grandchildren for Stuart and I, so blessed. Have a great evening everyone.

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