Muddy brown waters swirl with rage !

Normally the river Dordogne is a soothing scene,  glinting gently under the rays of light cast from above, as it peacefully meanders its way through the rocky picturesque landscapes of the Lot Valley.  However every so often it breaks its banks in anger, sweeping across surrounding land as it’s raging torrent flows in full spate. It’s turbulent waters swelling and angrily covering areas that are normally water free, creeping towards houses, businesses & drowning farmland.  A massive worry for those that live close to the river as they watch it hungrily ooze in further and further ! Foliage hidden from view, swallowed up & laying hidden, submerged under the escaped murky brown waters; trees, their trunks becoming immersed within the swirling water as it  brazenly rises up towards their branches in some areas.  Parts of country  roads disappeared under water & some  bridges for the moment closed as it is not possible to cross. The furious sounds of fast flowing water echoes around the surrounding countryside, encouraging many people like myself, to take a drive to see the wrath of the river. Amazing !

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