Oh happy day, (oh happy day), oh happy day !!!!


Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their marriage yesterday, 19/05/2018.  I thought Meghan looked so elegant as the sun shone brightly  in through the windows of the Chapel, casting sunbeams upon her & lighting up the aisle as she walked towards her Prince. Like so many of us that shared our Motherhood years  with Diana, our memories are so vivid of the Mother who knew how to show her Sons Love,  so could not help but think of her yesterday, she would have been so proud.  Tough time for Prince Harry, which of course like so many other young people who have suffered the same loss of their Parent(s) love before they married,  or seeing the love in their Parent’s eyes as they hug their first grandchild. Stuart and I are so fortunate to have enjoyed three amazing weddings,  enjoy hugging our two wonderful grandsons, and now wait to enjoy that first hug with our new grandson/grandaughter (?) due in August.  As the Rev Bishop Michael Curry said, “with Love anything can be achieved & happiness flows from within & all around”. Have a great evening everyone.


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