Purple Haze !

We have our own beautiful Purple Haze at Rocamadour !  At the “Ferme des Alix” the gorgeous colour of bluish-purple covers the land and  beautiful scents of the summer blooms mingle within the breeze. No need to travel all the way to the Provence !  Ferme des Alix, situated in Rocamadour, offers beauty to the eye and has a wonderful well priced gift shop, where you can buy perfumed & flavoured  products produced by themselves; Lavander liquer,  Oil,  Honey, Soaps to name just a few.  You can also enjoy a free visit to their distillerie, discover hidden secrets of the Lavander, and also  taste some of the products;  great to  know whether you like something before you buy.  Knowledge of the French language is essential for this visit though, I am not sure if he speaks English or not ?!!!  You can always try to converse in English though.  If it is a “no go”, smiles and gesticulations always help ! They are great people.  Enjoy your Monday xxx

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