Spring is in the Air

Our weather maybe a bit drizzly but the sounds of  chirpy happiness are flowing around the park in abundance .  The springtime birds have arrived and are busy building their nests, it is an absolute delight listening to their charming bird song & watching them busy in their daily quests.  Now the snow has cleared and the heavy frosts melted by mid-morning, we have begun work outside in preparation for our upcoming season.   However it is a bit  like having April showers in February at the moment !  I am busy clearing the leaves once again, excellent exercise for flabby arms and the mid-drift, especially as the leaves are so wet and really heavy to rake up and extremely weighty to lift them up and then swing into the truck.  Me thinks that a golfer’s swing is a whole lot easier !!!!  As I look up into the trees I cannot help but feel that they are having a quiet little giggle at my expense, as their gorgeous, tightly wrapped spring buds can now be clearly seen clinging closely onto the branches, just waiting to unfold in the warmer weather & start falling again at the end of July !!! But I am determined to clear the park as quickly as my body will allow and the thought of all that body exercise makes it more fun.  Stuart being a Man of so many talents, is here, there and everywhere, working through his list. It is so nice now to have longer days, it is daylight now until  18.30, which gives us so much more time and of course each day becomes a little longer.  We are well aware how many  working days we have left before opening,  so with time that seems to pass us all by quicker than the minutes on a ticking clock, we know it will not be long before we will be welcoming our first guests to enjoy some well earned tranquil moments here at Lacomté.  Enjoy your Monday – it would seem that not many people like Mondays, but they could be better.  It is one’s thoughts that make them worse.  So think of somethings that makes you happy, then pass on your happiness to someone else with a smile, it just might be what they need to create a happy Monday for them too !      Bye for now.

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