Surprise underground Secrets !!!!!

I am always wondering what secrets lay quietly hidden & forgotton within the grounds of Lacomté ! The magestic Cedar trees that have stood tall and proud for many  hundreds of years, guarding secretly what they have witnessed over the years.  I constantly wonder how many people that lived here in the past have sat under their branches sharing  secrets good and bad.  Just imagine how exciting it would be if when working outside we found something. Well that is exactly what happened this year at Parc Animalier at Gramat.  Whilst excavating ground to build a new enclosure for the bears by sheer magical chance they came across an underground cave, ‘une grotte’,  it is beautiful, such an amazing find.  Which tells me that my thoughts of finding treasure here  at Lacomté are maybe not that stupid after all !  Depends how you define treasure ?  It does not always have to be money or coins !!  (OK, yes, that would be wonderful, I know, but not very realisitc !!!) The new bear enclosure is fantastic, you can walk down into their pit, and only a thick sheet of high protection glass separates you from the bears, enabling you to get right up close and personal with them.  It will be incredible to watch them being fed from down there. On your way down you actually walk over the new magical underground kingdom, which has been made into a feature and has been bought to life with hidden lightling, a superb added bonus when visiting Parc Animalier.


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