Sweet Days of Summer

Beautiful warm sunshine, a shady spot under a luscious canopy of beautiful greens,  a wonderful picnic that will tantalise your tastebuds right up until you dive in, add some sparkly bubbles,  fruity chilled rosé wine & of course fresh ice cold water with slices of lemons and limes, a must, as it is just so, so  hot here.  And voila !!!!!  your enjoyment is all around you & ready to be enjoyed.  Compliment all of that with the soft sounds of trickling water splashing over the rocks, elegant swans gently floating along, their reflections of whiteness shimmering on the water, the odd canoe passing by, and what do you have ? Simply Paradise !   A heavenly way to spend a day of your holiday, just float away within the magical essence of summer moments, paddle, swim, lie down, relax and dream,  then start all over again.  Oh so good ! We shall be doing just this in the late september sunshine. The ice packs are already in the freezer, picnic is organised in my head, so am dreaming of that day,  cannot wait !!!!

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