Tales from the Country

Normally the Cuckoos have left by now, but I guess they are enjoying the sunshine just too much too take flight towards their next destination.  The Farmers have been busy in their fields cutting the grass, the surrounding fields now scattered with plenty of golden hay bales waiting to be collected and stored ready for the winter months ahead.  The sounds of busy humming honey bees fills the air and hundreds of  attractive butterflies hover & dance amongst the lavandar and the roses along with the bees and bumble bees. Unusually there are still many Orchids still to be found in the park and the hedgerows are brimming in beauty with so many different colours of wild flowers. The hoopoes adorn the back garden as they search for food for their young, and pigeons play gleefully within the trees, often falling from their branches as they get lost withing their excitement !!!! And off course now with the mesmorising heat of the summer sun, the cicadas sing out gleefully during the warm, balmy evenings,  complimenting the different calls from the resident owls.  Soon the  charming Lot Valley  will be full of visiting tourists, enjoying the beauty of the region, enjoying the gastronomic delights and soaking up the summer sunshine.   After a veryb slow start to the season, the local markets  are now buzzing with people buying local produce from the stall holders,  and the local  cafes hum with people relaxing and enjoying morning coffees just watching the colourful goings-on before them.   Surrounding buildings are covered in bright coloured geraniums, cascading down the walls like waterfalls,  the “feel good feeling” is everywhere.  Summer is Here !

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