The Hoopoe


Along with Spring & the beautiful colours of blossoming  foliage the annual visit of the gloriously coloured Hoopoe has arrived.  It is the national bird of Egypt and is named after the sound of it’s song. I have often thought that it’s call sounds a little similar to that of a cuckoo,  but in much lower tones.  They are very terratorial and build there nests either in the cavities of trees or down on the ground hidden amongst fallen trees or large stones, so Lacomté is perfect for them.  It is quite common for them to lay 7 to 12 eggs & during the summer, once their babies are ready to be taught how to find their own food,  the young family of hoopoes can be seen within the grounds.  However to observe them, silence is essential, they are really nervous birds and any noise will panic them into flight.

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