Things that go bang in the night ?!!!

Ghosts, apparitions, noises, experiences that have no normal explanation, odours sometimes pleasent like gorgeous perfumes, and other times really not very nice at all, like volcanic sulphur or a full overflowing septic tank,  we have experienced them all here.  But sometimes, just sometimes things still surprise me.  After the storm and mini typhoon that tangled itself around Lacomté last night,  our Guests decided to relax and chill, snuggling down and staying within their own home on wheels, or under canvas. Thus Stuart and I had an early finish to our evening.  I was the first up into the house & once I had finished what I needed to do I sat down on the sofa, snuggled down and put my feet up, it was so nice and something very rare during our season.  Naturally I fell asleep within moments of sitting down –  ahhhhh !!!!  I awoke to a commotion going on upstairs and wondered how on earth Stuart had managed to enter  our lounge from the bar & gone upstairs without waking me up, it would just not happen.  You never really sleep soundly once the camping is open, you seem to be always aware of what is going on around you and waiting sub-consciously for a noise that is not normal or a knock at the door in the middle of the night.  I called up to Stuart asking if all was okay, but there was no reply as the noise continued.  It reminded me of  the day a chicken was ransacking our Son’s bedroom,  so funny, but that is another story for another time !!!!!   I was wide awake now and I could clearly hear the closing of doors & footsteps which definately sounded as if someone was upstairs in our bathroom or spare-room area. Until a few years ago, there was always strange things happening in the vicinity of those two rooms. However with no strange happenings within the house for sometime now,  I naturally thought that  it could only be Stuart,  couldn’t it ?  Or so I thought !!!  Being now wide awake & having stood up I was at the point of going upstairs to see what Stuart was doing up there, when he walked in from the bar.  Although being well used to strange happenings here, to say I was shocked was un understatement.  The noise upstairs stopped instantly as Stuart entered the lounge and seeing the look of shock on my face he asked me why I was looking at him with such a perplexed look.  It was as I was explaining to him what I had heard,when I felt the very strong, eery strange feeling that somebody was standing very close to me, but how could that be ?!  I turned my head slightly to my right not expecting to see anything, but my heart jumped with shock, causing me to stop talking mid sentance.  There,  so close and right next to me was someone standing beside me,  my conversation dried instantly; there are those that would say that this does not happen often !!!!!  As I looked into the face of this figure in disbelief, Stuart asked me what was wrong, he obviously could not see what I could. It was an apparition of a person, nothing like I have ever seen before, yes, I have seen things which I can only presume to be ghosts or  trapped energies here  at Lacomté and all but one of our other houses in England.  To my right stood someone looking over me, normally I have seen presences quite clearly in shades of black, grey and white, but never like this before.  This presence, or energy was like a glowing sunshine golden light, in the clear form of a person, around the same height as myself, their outline  tinged with a glowing bronzy colour, it was alive with light but I could define  no clear features.   I felt that they stood beside me with an air of  wanting to know that I was okay, there was an air of inquisitiveness, as if they did not really know me, and wanted to know more,  it felt like that they were looking deep within me, silently questioning me,  but sadly I could only connect visually.  There was nothing  at all sinister, it felt so strange, strange enough that I thought I would share the experience that I find difficult to explain.  After moments of  what felt like some sort of contact, just like always  the ghost or energy just faded away.  For those who never have experienced anything like this, it is difficult to comprehend, infact impossible to believe, even laughable.  However, I gave up worrying about being laughed at a long time ago.  These experiences  now seem quite normal, however, this particular occasion made me jump, it was so surreal seeing something like that and I just cannot find an alternative explanation other then maybe I crossed over into another dimension within the building or it was a final visit from someone I know on route to infinity & beyond.   The experience reminded me of the film titled “The Others” with Nicole Kidman, for those of you who have watched that film, our lives seem to have mirrored this film a little.  But of course we are the living people in this house, or I think we are !!!!  Maybe not, our brains are so powerful who knows if what we assume to be actual and real, really is ? Have a great evening everyone.  PS  If anyone knows of a Medium that is sincere, I would love for them to get in touch with us.  Please share if you know someone who is for real and was born with the gift of being able to contact those from the otherside.  Shame I cannot put music to this !!!!

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