Vaping – what you should know !

A thick invisable layer of filthy black film covered some of the tables on the terrace this season, for quite a while I just could not understand why they were so dirty or where the filth had come from. My cleaning cloth was literally black & a second cloth was required to re-wash the tables, this was each morning and frequently through the day. Then all became clear ! One morning a guest was enjoying a morning vape on exhaling he enrobed himself in so much vaper fumes it reminded me of the Harry Potter steam train as it raced towards Hogwarts. As he had spilt his coffee, I wiped over the table after he had left. I was absolutely stunned ! Having cleaned all the tables just a few hours earlier, my cloth was once again black, and I mean black. Out of interest I checked the other tables, the ones close by had a little of the black deposit on them too, but they were not too bad, the other surrounding tables were still clean, so it could only have been what this guy was exhaling out. So please, all you vapers out there, if it is leaving that sort of deposit on my tables, what sort of deposit is it leaving within your insides. Just a friendly little warning from me to you. And for those of you who do not vape, do not get to close to anyone who is exhaling whatever it is they are inhaling, you do not want to breath in that stuff that leaves a layer of invisible black film on the tables !!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Hannah Knowles: Washington Post

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