Wild Elegance



Rambling through the countryside at present is pure rejuvenation for the soul,  vibrant with beauty and buzzing with life, it is a joy to quietly wander through & uncover it’s hidden treasures. The hedgerows offer a camouflaged haven for wild animals & insects, varying shades of green wildgrasses stand tall & proud, gently swaying in the breeze,  as they do so the  hidden elegance & attractiveness of the wild orchids hidden amongst them becomes uncovered.  There are many species to be seen here within the grounds of Lacomte and just outside along the Combal del Gord, some are already in bloom and others are getting ready to unfold their radiant beauty, seek and you shall find.  Simply go out of our gates and turn left.  The photos posted are of  just some of the ones I found yesterday, as I enjoyed a country ramble with my grand-daughter along the Combal del Gord, but there are many more not quite yet in bloom.

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