Escape to the Château

Three weeks ago we enjoyed an escape to the Château de Pompadour with the club .  A club whose passion is old cars and their mechanics, whether they be 4 wheels, 3 or 2.  We enjoyed a rally organised by the club to visit the amazing Château de Pompadour,  nestled in the heart of the small village of Arnac-Pompadour in the Corrèze. It is a truly magnificent imposing Château having been completely rebuilt in the 15th century by the Helie family.  In 1745, Louis XV offered the domain of Pompadour to his favorite  Lady  (who also just happened to be his mistress)  Jeanne Lenormand d’Étiolles who became the very famous Marquise de Pompadour.

Over the decades, the castle has suffered many fires and apparently to this day, only the south wing of the castle remains.  Maybe that is why our visit seemed just too short;  it is always the areas where you cannot go, that seem the more magnetic and interesting ! The enticing thought of stepping over the large, heavily thick twisted ropes and climbing up the spiralling concrete stair cases to goodness knows where that always  seems so inviting.

Pompadour is not only famous for its Château but also known as the “City of Horses” the small town is known worldwide for its horse shows. With more than 160 days of events per year, it is a place not to be missed in the Horsing World.  Makes for a great day out from your calm peaceful surroundings of Château de Lacomté and not too far away either.

The horses stabled within the stables of Château de Pompadour are  quite simply mesmerising, so elegant, so beautiful and extremely tall. I have no idea how many hands tall they stood, but I felt incredibly tiny stood close by them.  The stables are absolutely spotless and the work force there extremely proud, with a strong sincere pride in their work that could be felt as we meandered through their place of work.   The horses stabled inside had many different characters, from really, really friendly, searching attention and caresses from each and everyone that passed by them,  or just an interested glance, with an attitude that said you can look at me, but just make sure that you do not touch me.  To a character of incredible superiority standing tall and dominant;  there was one  horse in particular, exquisitely  beautiful, his black ebony body shining effortlessly as he stood tall,  with no movement and no noise.  He  kept his gaze purposely and permanently away from you, ignoring us all as if we were just not there.  From his majestic body language and spectacular well structured physique you could not help but feel his absolute feeling of supremacy which he yielded over all the other horses in the stable block.  His internal thoughts almost echoing out so loudly, “Oh no,  not again, more visitors invading my space and privacy”,  with a huge sigh of unbelievable sufferance! If you love horses and historical Chateaux, then an escape to the Château de Pompadour is a great day out.

Make a note of the following dates for your holiday with us at Lacomté in the gorgeous Vallée de la Dordogne. Consider treating yourself to a unique evening meal while you escape to the Château de Pompadour where you can enjoy original flavours of mouth watering food prepared by the Atelier Gourmand,  gracefully blended with different equestrian scenes, orchestrated within the grounds of the Château by a troupe of internationally renowned artists.   Christophe Hasta Luego and his son Max, accompanied by riders from the best equestrian schools.

Information : 05 55 98 99 27    Reservations required as there are limited places.  60€ per person,  for the show and meal.

Dates 2023:   Friday July 7 and Sunday July 9:  Saturday August 12 and Sunday August 13, 2023  starting at 8pm.

A great way to spend an afternoon and evening.   Between French History and Equestrian enchantment, let yourself be transported into the world of Pompadour through its visits, its shows and equestrian cabarets.

Enjoy Enjoying !



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