Happy Easter


We wish you all a great weekend even though the weather is not too good in the UK.  If it makes you feel any better it is not that great here either, we are enjoying beauty of a different sort at the moment. We are experiencing much lower temperatures than normal and days are filled with rain, sunshine and rainbows. The sky a canopy of  many different colours, ranging from slate grey breaking through to deep blues, dark angry fluffy clouds changing in a blink of an eye to varying shades of white in a moment.  During times when the sunshine and it’s warmth breaks through the thick layer of  cloud, it’s gorgeous golden pink hues shine down onto the wet  glistening land below,  creating a vista of pure beauty as the  trees and foliage change colours under the sunbeams, raindrops sparkle like diamonds on the branches and  the instant feeling of wellbeing flows within.

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