Have I got news for you !!!!!!


One week ago today Stuart and I were joined by friends for lunch to pay our respects and remember all of those courageous Men, Women and Teenagers who lost their lives on D Day.  Just as Stuart was opening the bottle of Champagne so that we could raise our glasses to all of those who perished for the future of others, his  phone rang.  It was just before mid-day, apero time, brilliant timing ! I guessed instantly by his huge beaming smile and body language, that this special day, Thursday 6th of June, was to become a day of not only rememberance, but a celebration for us too.  For those of you who have met Victoria and Sam, (our youngest Daughter and Son-in Law), we are super pleased to announce the safe arrival of our precious little Grandson. Victoria is very well and enjoying every special moment with her new little Son who is one week old today;  Not yet born this time last week. !   For both Victoria and Sam, their two Sons fill them with joy and make their hearts smile. Noah is so, so happy his baby brother has at long last arrived, lovingly enjoying giving him big brother hugs whenever he can, his eyes filled with love & tenderness  speak volumes.  Almost 3 weeks earlier than expected this gorgeous baby boy and his wonderful Mummy gave us something very special to celebrate.  How very special that we can celebrate a birth and a new life within our Family on this day ! Unfortunately Stuart and I do not have a photograph yet of the three of us that I could share.  “But we cannot see him” I hear you saying.  No, Mummy and Daddy wisely do not wish to share photos on FB.  So the little one in this photo just may not actually be him ?!!!!!  Happy Thursday to you all.

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