Holidays and Romance


Ready for romance ?  Why not ! What are the golden rules for romantic holidays ? There are so many, each personal to the person taking the holiday !  But a beautifully relaxation location, enveloped within the gentle sounds of nature, kissed by rays of warm sunshine, far away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives, is a brilliant beginning to a great holiday.  Château de Lacomté, nestled within the stunning and mystical touristic Vallées Lot et Dordogne blended together are a match made in heaven !  Together they offer you the perfect destination for romance and lets us not forget that romance is not just for young single people  !  No matter how long you have been together, romance will always live within your soul,  whether you are bathed within a romantic relationship or your mind just imagines those simply amazing moments that dreams are made of !   Join us at Lacomté and let those dreams and passions become re-ignited, light your match and feel the warmth of the glow.  Peace and relaxation enables you to reconnect to yourself,  gives you some you time, to just simply be.  Imagine allowing  yourself to fly free,  feel the ultimate pleasure of life, with no overloaded minds exploding with never ending worries, no long lists of ‘things to do’, and, and, and …..!   Imagine those exhilarating holiday moments, let them  flow in whatever direction you wish them to take, or  just relax and enjoy the unknown .  Allow yourself to be surprised,  become immersed in living a future moment.  What does your day hold, when the future yesterday has gone and the future  tomorrow is waiting with more wonderful surprises.  Enjoy those feel good moments that will overwhelm you at Lacomté in abundance, the calmness and beauty of the surroundings will saturate your spirit and soul.   Right now, stop, breath in deeply and relax just for a moment.   Feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face and just take a few minutes to  imagine, let your mind roam free, and let your thoughts create what is good for you right now !  Just allow yourself to dream, take a little holiday, just you and your thoughts. Let your stresses flow away, feel the warmth of the sun as it encases your body within it’s summer glow, listen to the sounds of nature that surround you, hear the gentle splashes of water in the pool, maybe it is just you in the pool enjoying quiet moments to think and swim, just drift on and dream.   Go on, close your eyes and imagine, I dare you !  If your mind is saying you  have not got time, make time.  It is so beneficial .  For those of you  that did,  Hi,  and welcome back, hope you enjoyed your special moments of freedom.   At present Stuart and I are not sure just when we will be welcoming new guests from the UK, or when we will be welcoming back re-visiting guests, looks like most will depend on when you feel happy to travel.  However, we have been busy and as usual we were ready for May 1st and start welcoming French Guests next weekend.   So we are open and are ready for whatever the season brings forth.  Enjoy a great day everyone and do  not forget to enjoy some wonderful chill out moments !

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