Juicing Recipe Courgette Ginger and Lime


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Just love juicing, and with lots of Courgettes I thought I would have a go at creating my own recipe for a wonderful Summer Courgette Cocktail. You will find the recipe at the bottom of my post. Bit different to a Gin and Tonic, which of course is always lovely and oh so popular, but lets face it, it is no where near as healthy ! With the sun shining bright and hot, playing peek a boo from behind a few small fluffy white clouds, our guests were either chilling out around the pool, or out visiting.  Stuart and I enjoyed a late lunch, with no wine !  Too hot, so we enjoyed a nice ice cool glass of water with frozen lemon and lime pieces. A little later Stuart tended to the garden patch collecting all the courgettes and other veg that needed picking. With lots of Courgettes I decided to create my own Juice with what I had. Must say it  was really nice. I can imagine a lot of you will take one look at the colour and would rather imagine sipping that familiar ice cold Gin & Tonic, or a nice cold beer,  but believe me, it tasted soooo good.  Here is a good tip for those of you who fancy trying this out !   I made a double lot and froze some down into ice cubes, I will add these next time to my juice, rather than water ice cubes. To:morrow I shall create my own Beetroot juice.  I have a lot of those as Dicky Deer has pulled them all up !  Guess I am fortunate that he only likes the tops.  So strange he has not eaten anything else, he obviously has very particular taste which suits us just fine. And as for those Gin and Tonics, the bar is open, the tonics are cold, so we are already to go.  And very soon, we will have some Rhubarbe and Ginger Gin behind the bar, as we have some arriving by special delivery with friends.  Yes, I will share it with you !  !!!!!!            Recipe:    300 Grams of Courgettes      10 Grams of Fresh or Frozen Ginger (I juice my ginger with the peel on)      Juice of 1 Lime       Plus  1 teaspoon of raw liquid bee honey.  I buy my honey from a local producer, so much nicer than shop bought !  The above ingredients I feel creates a Courgette Juice Cocktail sufficient for one person, I could have drank more it was so nice.  Try it and see, you will not be disappointed !  Now I have to get busy prepping all those Courgettes for the freezer.   The Green Beans all done and frozen.  Have a great evening, hope it is not raining to hard where you are !!!!!!  Bye for now.

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