Loose Women in France – For One Night Only


Jules and I became Loose Women for one night only.   So what exactly do I mean by that ?!!   Oh my goodness, when you are no longer in your twenties but feel like you are, you know that you have had an amazing night out.  We, Jules and I, aka “Loose Women” of the night, enjoyed a petite soirée Transformiste without our other halves.  Both of us had always wanted to go, but the opportunity had never presented itself before.  As you can imagine,  we enjoyed every single moment  of being footloose and fancy free and lost ourselves in an evening completely different in so many ways infused with laughter and gaiety.   We were spoilt and chauffeur driven, which was an absolute delight, a huge thank you to Ian, Jule’s other half, as he had rather a long wait in the car outside the restaurant when he came to pick us up.  Whoops, just a little bit of a telecommunication problem !  However, there is always something a bit magical about sitting in the car listening to the hammering rain on the roof …. isn’t there ? !!!!    Also a massive thank you to Stuart, for arranging a pizza night, enabling me to become a loose woman for a night.  So, with no one to please other than ourselves,  Jules and I  were out to enjoy a fabulous time, making new memories and laughing at memories we had made together over the years.  Makes me chuckle just thinking back to our evening, one which we will both remember with smiles and giggles !  We ate, we drank, (myself in moderation, I had work the next day!) and enjoyed a great show.   When the entertainment had come to an end, the disco began to play into the night, the falling rain sparkled like shards of illuminated light within the disco lights as our energies bounded out onto the shining wet dancefloor.  Did we dance  ?  You bet we did.  For almost 3 hours  we were the only two on the dance floor that had the energy to dance for most of the evening non-stop !!!  As two Loose Women no longer in our twenties, we were very impressed that we had plenty of energy not only to dance the night away but also to welcome in a gorgeous  brand new day by a couple of hours !!!  And yes,  it was raining and yes at times we got a bit wet, but it did not extinguish our zest for fun, it simply enhanced our evening !  We just needed to make sure that when the canopy was pushed up to swoosh off the rain that had collected in the middle,  we were not near the edge of it.  If you were, you got very wet ! Which on occasions some did, which very naughtily the memory I have and the vision I can still see clearly,  causes me laugh out loud as I tap.   My goodness did it rain, but with the positivity and positive vibes of everyone there, it spoilt absolutely nothing.  We have also partied at Lacomté in the pouring rain during band nights on many occasions, so are well used to not allowing the weather to spoil great occasions ! Shame the Girls from the UK  were not with us,   http://itv.com/loosewomen   they would have loved it.  Especially this year !  If you are lucky enough to be on holiday, it is just the perfect time as the region is much quieter than normal. You can enjoy everywhere without the normal busy August crowds, park your car with  no problem and choose to eat in any of the restaurants, just so relaxing.  “Simply the Best”.  For those of you from the UK reading this, that have time and can confine when you go home, you are missing a great moment in time to enjoy a holiday ! Happy Wednesday everyone from a little wet corner of Paradise.



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