Oooh, what a big boy !!!!


Bold as brass and very relaxed this Sanglier wondered around our back garden, with what seemed to be, not a care in the World. Whilst prepping for the evening meals early yesterday evening I looked up & for a short moment wondered what on earth I was looking at through the window, larger than a dog but not big enough for a donkey !  I know I have bad eyes, but !!  As he slowly came into focus, I watched him enjoying the early evening sunshine,  he wondered around the garden exploring, sniffing, looking all around him appearing to be very much at ease with his surroundings. He was so relaxed I had time to run up to the house, find my camera and click this photo of him through my kitchen window, so it is not clear, clear.   For quite sometime he wandered around exploring before he disappeared back into the woods.  So, be careful, cos, if you go into the words today, you do not know what you may find.  Happy Wednesday everyone.

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