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Due to the lack of telecommunications for the month of August and all our calls and communication being completely ignored by our telecommunication provider FREE TELECOM and by ORANGE TELECOM,   we have no option but to close our business for the season 2020 as from August 30th.  We are completely exhausted by this problem and cannot continue to fight this on-going battle and be open at the same time.  We are totally bemused by the attitude of FREE and ORANGE.   Why have they not repaired our telephone line after a tree exterior to our property fell on it at the beginning of August ?  And why did  FREE  erect a telephone mast in a position that would leave a 4*  Campsite that has been functioning in Carlucet since 1993 without telecommunications ?  Stuart and I have worked long hours and alone this season in temperatures of 49°+, no worries there, we are used to working hard and long hours.  Our Guests have always been our priority.   Lacomté offers everyone that stays here a peaceful oasis to simply relax in a little corner of paradise away from the World and all it’s problems.  We have worked  incredibly hard  ensuring all of our Guests enjoyed their much needed moments of solace away from their own problems and Covid 19 this season.  Their relaxation was our priority ! But now as total exhaustion creeps in regarding having no telecommunications,” we are now our priority”.  I realised recently that amongst all the frustrations, we had welcomed so many young French people all of our Children’s ages,  something we have been working so hard to achieve.  They have all loved simply chilling out around the pool, their bodies and souls being rejeuvinated in pure peace.   We have worked extremely hard for all that we have created here and are now just so tired of trying to run our business without telecommunications, it is simply impossible. We continue to pay our monthly payment, but Free and Orange continue to ignore us. Our newly elected Maire called around to see us on Thursday morning, he told me he will do what he can. However, this is obviously going to be a long and ongoing battle for us, one which alongside  Brexit and Covid will simply ruin us if we cannot get our telecommunications back on line.  We are having to cope with comments of being unprofessional because we are not answering our phones.  We do not have a phone connection !  Unprofessional because we are not answering our emails straight away.  We do not have internet most of the time !  This situation has such a serious domino effect of destruction of a 27 year functionnning business that we have worked so hard to create !  I am so angry I could say so much, but I have learnt that it is just not correct to do so, here at least !


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