Owls in France

Nature’s natural sounds here at Château de Lacomté are so therapeutic, relaxing to the soul and hauntingly beautiful.  Within the glow of the pearlescent moon and under a canopy of twinkling diamond stars sparkling way up high in the sky,  the majestic birds of night fly silently as they hunt their prey.  Their babies squawk out excitedly whilst awaiting their Mother’s return with her surprise catch of wildlife, sometimes large, sometimes small, depending on who is not aware that she is swooping in to get them !!!  (Whoops, too late !!) She does this constantly through the night, ensuring her young are happy & well  fed.   After midnight when the tranquil silence of the early morning hours curls itself around the park, the gentle chants of these beautiful birds, echoe soothingly around the grounds  blending into the inky black darkness of the night.  Beautiful, pure clear sounds of the country, a natural lullaby to calm your mind, rest your soul and help  you drift off into the calmness of sleep. As I tap this now, it is just turned 10.30 pm, and only  the restful evening singing of the owls can be heard, simply heaven. Good Night to you all, sleep well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              . Photograph by  Martin Taburet.  Magnificent shot taken in the Lot Valley of a Chouette Chevêche


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