Retro-twin-Vayracois 46

A fabulous way to spend a Sunday morning, enjoying the “Ballade du 02 Mai 2021 RTV 46”,   with a group of car enthusiasts from Vayrac.  A relaxing drive through spectacular countryside along with friends driving their four wheels of passion,  revelling within phenomenal vistas of sensational beauty.  I am glad that I was not driving, thus allowing me to absorb all the picturesque vistas we were driving through.  It felt like being within a  canvas driving through an amazing never ending painting of radiant charm and alluring mystery at every turn.  Exploring little country roads and villages that we had not discovered before was exhilarating, all so elegant in their own individual ways.  The sun was shining and the sky covered us like an umbrella in scintillating hues of springtime blues, some white little fluffy clouds only adding to the wondrous feel of relaxation.  The day felt good not only for us, but for the wildlife too, as we passed a field of very frisky cows.  Amazing how fast one of the females was running, but that chasing, persistant male was not going to give up or let her escape.  They were not the only two cows in the field that morning on a quest of adventure of a sensuous nature !  Some cows just stood and watched, motionless, possibly grateful it was not their turn.  Or possibly, just a little bit envious as to why it was not them being chased across the field;  who knows ?!   I found the whole scene amusing as I automatically found myself creating a storyline on behalf of the Cows.   I found my thoughts wondering ……  were the females just not in the mood for frisky fun ?  Or was this their pre-moment game of chasing fun, making the male run like crazy in a very unfashionable way, to get what he so obviously wanted !  Talk about  a Bull in a China Shop. He definitely was not thinking of France !  Or, was there method in the females  springtime madness ?  Was she was just trying to wear him out first, as she ran twisting and turning in all directions.  After all,  if she wore him out first,  she did not have to stand there for too long thinking of France whilst contemplating the colour of the morning sky and whether or not it would rain later  !!!!!!  So, as we continued our drive, most villagers came out of their houses as they heard the noise of distant rumbling engines approaching and a friendly Sunday morning wave coupled with friendly smiles were shared by most.  There were some that just stopped, stared and their heads turning with no facial dialogue upon their faces at all as they watched the flow of the cars passing  by.  Others ready and poised with  their mobile phones to take some photos of the cars passing by.  At present Stuart and I are not too sure when we will be able to join in any of the other excursions they have planned, or whether we will have to wait until the summer season is over before we can enjoy some more beautiful drives through the stunning countryside that surrounds us.  Maybe we will, Maybe we will not, time will tell.  M’mm, ideas are flowing !  Just must say before I finish, we were all given a delightful gift by the organiser, 100 grams of pure Bonheur;  a bar of Lindt heavenly chocolate, such a lovely surprise !  But, my reasoning for mentioning this, is because the organsier’s Wife  had taken the time to print out some gorgeous paper with the emblem of the club printed on the paper, the date of the drive and the background was Muguet /  Lily of the Valley.  This flower whose perfume is simply divine, is traditionally given to people on May 1st signifying a hope of Happiness to those who receive it.   A friends way of telling you they care.  I think that this is a beautiful tradition and so nice of her to take the time to do something so special for us all. Happy Thursday everyone.

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