River Walks


Winter walks along the rivers edge are beautiful,  peaceful and so relaxing. I took this photo yesterday, a light reflecting globule of late afternoon sunshine calmly glistening upon the river’s rippling surface laying peacefully, whilst reflecting it’s natural beauty.  The stunning sunshine of the day slowly diminished into darker, varying shades of late afternoon  dusk, the beauty of the countryside becoming streaked within the darkness of late  afternoon shadows.  Two men on a tiny boat gently & quietly glided along the river as the tranquil sounds of wild ducks calling to one another filled the air around them.   Suddenly there was another sound that came flying in, becoming louder and louder, the unmistakable sounds of swans in flight swooping through the air.  The late afternoon music of their wings in motion sliced through the surrounding sounds of nature, it was simply lovely to hear and to see.  But sadly a photo I did not manage to capture,  my camera was not ready to snap that amazing vision.

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