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Nature is so therapeutic, especially during these difficult times of “what comes next” ?! Nature effects all of our senses: Sound, sight, smell, touch and taste.  There are so few things in the World that stimulate our minds and bodies like the beauty and wonder of nature.  A commodity that is also free for us all to enjoy giving  an exhilarating freedom that feeds our minds, our spirits and our souls.  Even when unable to go out, we can go use a streaming service like:, sit down, close your eyes, relax and imagine.  Even short moments like this can relieve the stress held within our minds.  Have you ever just simply allowed yourself to flow into nature and listen to Nature’s Music ? Relaxing soothing sounds to take you away from  your everyday life ! Not in your garden ?!  Then go to this link: –  I chose this, as it reminds me of the natural sounds within the grounds of Lacomté that I listen to at night.  Then there are the jillions of stars twinkling brightly,  a canopy of diamonds against an ebony black sky, complimenting the shining pearlescent moon; a vista that takes your breath away.  Add the soft calling music of night-time sounds and you have a pure bubble of relaxation cocooning you.  Be aware of Nature’s scents:  Nature’s perfume,  as you roam around the grounds of Château de Lacomté is hypnotic,  mixtures of scents perfume the air, lingering in the breeze, following you. It always reminds me of freshly produced honey.  The Pine Trees, their natural scent of pine is all around, and has scientifically been proved to lower depression and anxiety.  Whilst the beautiful scent of Lavender relaxes us.  The out-doors will boost your mood, the unpolluted air at Lacomté, filled with the natural perfumes from the pine trees, flowering blossoms, flora and fauna,  is like breathing in a form of seasonal alcohol, but so much healthier for you. Okay,  I hear you, I know that alcoholic drink wins !  We benefit so much from nature, and it’s captivating beauty,  feeling so much better emotionally after a walk.  Imagine your favourite vista, was it a sunrise, a stunning sunset, a waterfall,  or Lacomté ?  Close your eyes and just relive the moment.  Natures Touch:  Touching nature creates a real feel good emotion.  Wading barefoot through the chilled waters of the River Dordogne, feeling the warmth of the summer breeze upon our face and the wind blowing through your hair, all moments that sometimes we forget to actually experience and cherish.   The warmth of the sun as it wraps itself around us gives us a wonderful sense of calm, it somehow cleanses our thoughts and allows us to re-energise.  Treat yourself to nature’s tastes: M’mm, what better way to end, then to leave you to imagine sipping a glass of your favourite wine, that those wonderful grapes of Cahors have produced, or that wonderful chilled Gin and Tonic, with clinking ice and a slice of lemon !  (Josie).   I shall be uploading a video after posting this,  I have used it before, but it is so beautiful, I thought I would post it again. Stuart and I are just waiting to know what the different Countries will be deciding on opening dates for their Borders.  Once we know, I will up date you on our plans.  And we have been informed that we should have the new regulations soon.  Have a great evening everyone !

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